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We help businesses of all sizes with compliance programs that are tailored to their industry and to their specific needs.    All of our principals have worked with large and small companies, and have developed compliance solutions that are not only realistic and relevant but also engaging and presented through the most meaningful media.  Because we adapt to how you operate, working with our team is easy and seamless.


While struggling to manage a business through a challenging economy, the company must also deal with legislation passed in response to the economic crisis, and an administration that has a decidedly more aggressive approach to government enforcement. In this environment, there is an urgent need to review existing compliance programs to be certain that new risks are adequately addressed.

For more information on areas that might deserve special compliance attention in light of revised enforcement priorities and legislation, click here.

Addressing compliance issues proactively does more than just satisfy a legal requirement. It makes your business more competitive. It motivates your employees by making them proud of their organization. And it consistently provides a positive return on investment. In a time when more aggressive enforcement combined with economic uncertainty and new laws and regulations, ensuring that your business will not be derailed by compliance issues is more important than ever.

Small and mid-sized corporations may be unable to address these issues with internal resources, or are unaware of new or existing requirements. Some comopanies may think they are too small to be of interest to enforcers or plaintiffs, but this is not true. Are you prepared of face an investigation today? We can help you review your existing programs so that you can evaluate the risks that your company may be facing.
Our team can assist you in a variety of compliance areas. We'll make certain that you can spend your time focused on growing your business and serving your customers. We'll help you avoid the compliance problems, that consume valuable management time - or worse. Some examples:

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Compliance Program Creation/Enhancement
Risk Assessments
Investigations and Discipline
Government-Imposed Compliance Programs
Pre-merger Due Diligence
Policy Development
Litigation Oversight
Writing and Editing
Merchandising and Sales Programs
Advertising and Marketing
Antitrust and FCPA
PLI Comliance Institute

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